How it Works

Letter from the founder…
My name is Julia Anderson. I am a breast cancer survivor with a Master’s in Social Work and have owned my own company for 20 years. During my 2 year cancer fight I realized the amazing programs set up to help those that can’t afford all the expenses with a devastating diagnosis. Non-profits can’t function without donations, and I have developed a profit-sharing program for future customers who want to sign up for services with established, brand name companies. This will provide consistent donations to these wonderful and highly needed non-profit organizations.

ZERO cost to you… and buyers get the SAME promos and direct pricing from our providers!

We are authorized retailers for the products and services below.
Our fundraiser model allows your organization to share in the profit we make when buyers choose to use your referral code to make a purchase!

After signing up, we’ll create you brochures for you within 48 hours. Then you can start sharing your link/code! That’s how easy it is! Each referral is tracked in your online portal, and we mail checks to you monthly. You can run this fundraiser all year long!

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We’d be more than happy to visit with you and provide more information if you have any questions. If you’d like to get started via phone, give us a call at (866) 624-8142. Otherwise, you can get started online immediately by clicking the button below!